Small Socials

Your Small Socials Will Help ICPP and Paris. Invite 10 or more friends to meet with you online or to visit you in your home or office for an hour to share tea or drinks, hear about the traditions of architecture and planning in Paris and about threats to Paris, and to learn about ICPP. We will send you online images that you can show to your friends. An Advisory Committee member of ICPP will visit by Zoom or Skype to fill everyone in on the work we are doing, the challenges, and our next steps. You will enjoy the event, and so will your friends. There will be no pressure. And we will enlist ever-widening groups of supporters for ICPP and lovers of the beauty of Paris. As our way of saying Thank you for hosting this group of 10 or more, we will enroll you as a Vosges Donor in ICPP.

Image of Tour Montparnasse, “the most hated building in Paris.”  Photo: Marie Karel

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