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ICPP’s book, Paris Without Skyscrapers: The Battle to Save the Beauty of the City of Light/Paris sans gratte-ciel: la bataille pour sauver la beauté de la Ville Lumière, features articles in French and English by Paris residents and leading international lovers of Paris, architects, urbanists, lawyers, and thinkers. The book makes a powerful argument against building skyscrapers in Paris. But time is of the essence. See details below.

The world loves Paris for its beauty and its welcoming way of life. But despite Parisians’ objections, Paris City Hall has begun building glass-walled towers at the city’s gates. The 49 expert authors, many of them Parisians, offer well-reasoned essays in both English and French, calling for the world to stand with Parisians and fight for the beauty of the City of Light.

It is not too late. City Hall thinks Paris is out-of-date. In fact, modern Paris, the city that two million Parisians call home, is timeless. Its 18 million visitors a year do not come to see the Tour Montparnasse or to visit the latest skyscraper in La Défense. Just as Victor Hugo fought in the 19th century to save the great Cathedral of Notre-Dame, today, international support can save the City of Light from self-interested politicians, developers, and celebrity architects’ attempts to “reinvent” it. Including drawings by famed urban planner Leon Krier and photographs of Paris and the proposed skyscrapers [printed copies], the book sends a strong message for those who love the unique beauty of Paris and to everyone aiming to create sustainable, beautiful, and livable cities today.

Paris needs your help now. We must complete preparation of the book for publication by the end of September  2021. Your contribution will help. For the sake of Paris, we invite you to contribute. We will acknowledge your gift in the book and on our web site.

Our invitation is below.

Pantheon Donors – $10,000 or more
Luxembourg Donors – $5,000
Vosges Donors – $1,000
Carnavalet Donors – $500
Richelieu Donors, for colleges and schools – $500

Please help Paris today. Send contributions to ICPP at this PayPal Address, PayPal accepts contributions by credit card. Your contributions will be tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. ICPP is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Alternatively, contribute by check. The address:

International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris, ICPP
PO Box 1308  Gracie Station
New York, NY  10028-0010

Tax information about ICPP. The International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris (ICPP) is a non-profit entity incorporated under the laws of the state of New York. It is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.


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