About Us

The mission of the International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris, ICPP, is to promote the traditional architecture and urbanism of Paris. The world loves Paris for its beauty, and most people assume that it will always be beautiful. In 2008, however, while acknowledging that polls showed Parisians were opposed to tall buildings, the national and city governments embarked on a program of building skyscrapers inside the Périphérique, the ring road, at the old gates of the city. The mayor, Anne Hidalgo, says skyscrapers will make Paris more modern. Perhaps she means more like Dubai. 

These glass-walled behemoths are unneeded, incongruous, and even–despite lip service to the Paris climate agreements–unsustainable. 

In two thousand years, Paris has never been destroyed by an enemy army seeking to conquer France. Today, politicians in league with multi-national developers and star architects will ruin Paris for the sake of short-term profit and misguided theory.  ICPP joins with the citizens of Paris in defending the beautiful ancient city against the vandals.

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