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The International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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The International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris (ICPP) celebrates and promotes the traditions of
architectural beauty and compact urbanism that make Paris a model for cities worldwide.

icon We recognize that Paris is in peril. We must take action. The most urgent challenge is that the mayor and developers plan to build twelve skyscraper projects around the gates of this ancient city, one of the last major world cities to preserve its low horizon. Indeed, one skyscraper is already visible from the middle of Paris. Our book of essays by Parisians and others makes a powerful argument against skyscrapers and coordinates with the work of opponents inside Paris. But we need funds to see our book through the press. Our many other plans include organizing a conference, in Paris, on towers in European cities, tentative date in March, 2018. For the sake of Paris, we need your help.

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Save Paris

“Lovers of Paris in the Entire World Are Alarmed as it Descends into Ugliness” — The “Figaro” op-ed by Mary Campbell Gallagher for ICPP, translated into English

Mary Campbell Gallagher, for ICPP, April 8, 2021 The world loves Paris for its beauty. Paris is the world’s city, and most of us think it...

April 9, 2021

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Save Paris

«Dans le monde entier, les amoureux de Paris s’alarment de son enlaidissement!» — « Figaro » tribune par Mary Campbell Gallagher de la part de l’ICPP, en Français

Mary Campbell Gallagher TRIBUNE – Le saccage de Paris par Anne Hidalgo n’inquiète pas que les Parisiens ou les Français, mais les...

April 9, 2021

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  • THE FIRST OF MANY? Palais de Justice, by Renzo Piano